Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The boy who wanted a Lime Cupcake

The presents were wrapped, the table was set. 
All the little boy needed was cupcakes!

What did mommy say? We have to wait till daddy gets home?

Oooh it didn't seem right, how could he wait just one minute more!

"Okay, we will set the cupcakes out, but no touching until daddy gets home!" 
Mommy finally agreed.

How sweet the lime cupcakes looked and 
how much the little boy just wanted to dive in.

"No touching" he was reminded over and over by mommy.

All he could do was gaze  into the limey heaven 
and dream of how the cupcakes  must taste.

Maybe one little touch, just one finger full of frosting.

Or maybe daddy wouldn't notice one 
sugary lime slice missing from the top.

Rats! Mommy was everywhere and
 seemed to catch him just before he could sneak a sample.

He closed his eyes to concentrate on
 anything else but  the lime cupcakes.

It was no use. He needed one now!

He couldn't wait any longer.
His hands creeped up to the plate to attack.

That's it he was going in!....but then....

Daddy!!!! Finally! Light the candle, sing the song!

Make a wish daddy but hurry up!

The little boy picked out the second best looking lime cupcake, 
he saved the first best for daddy.

Lime Cupcakes tasted even better then the little boy dreamed.

He was so happy all that was left to do was

finish the cupcake in just two bites!

Stay tuned Creamy Lime Cupcake Recipe Coming Soon!

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  1. Lots of fun!! It's hard to resist cupcakes when your mommy makes the best! Love the story and pictures. Very creative!!