Thursday, April 25, 2013

How to make Fondant Daisies

How to make Fondant Daisies

I used a combo of equal parts fondant and gumpaste. 

Tint the mixture with gel coloring.  

Roll the mixture about 1/8" thick. I use a small amount of 
corn starch to ensure the fondant and gumpaste won't stick.
 Using a large daisy cutter cut two sets of petals for each flower.

Using a small fondant shaping tool indent 
each petal slightly to give some definition.
I use a lot of the tools and cutters from 
Wilton's Beautiful Gumpaste Flowers book and tool set.
This set also includes detailed descriptions for making a variety of flowers.

Place one layer of the petals in a cupcake holder. 
The holder will help shape the petals  until they dry.
With a small paint brush paint the center with a few drops of water. 
Layer the second set of petals on top, 
off setting the petals to fall between the bottom layer.

If using for a cake, thread a small amount of flower wire 
through the middle before the gumpaste mixture dries. 
 If using to top cupcakes flower wire is not necessary.

Once the daisies dry pipe a small amount of royal icing into the center to
finish the flowers and secure the flower wire.
Let dry over night.

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