Monday, June 18, 2012

Bethany and Josh! Wedding Edition

This past weekend was very exciting for LaLaCake! I had the oppurtunity to cater my first wedding with 270 cupcakes! Lots and lots of cupcakes! By the time I was done we no longer had a refrigerator but a cupcake storage center.

Here's a quick run through of my day(s)!

90 Strawberry cupcakes filled with cream cheese filling iced with white frosting

90 Chocolate Fudge cupcakes with buttercream frosting

90 White cupcakes with white frosting
... all with different combinations of flowers and colors..  and
1 giant cupcake for the couple to cut during the reception.   

Friday I started with prepping lots of frosting (4 hours)
Saturday ALL day baking and rose making.  The chocolate and white cakes were decorated with one large rose per cake, the strawberry had three small roses.. 180+270= 450 roses in all!
My biggest frustration of the day was knowing that if I was at work all the baking could easily be done in the industrial sized oven in about 2 hours......
at home with my one rack oven... 8!
All in all 14 hours later my kitchen was loaded with cupcakes, frosting, and anticipation for the big day.
So where did all the cupcakes spend the night???.... better question is where did our usual refrigerator residents go...coolers.
Sunday was a lot of nervous energy for the big reveal.
 What if they melted?
What if I got the day wrong?
What if... (insert any disaster) ??
Besides pondering various worst case senerios I also worked on the bride and grooms cake.

 I met Bethany and Josh at a church we all attended a few years back. Wonderful couple, lots of fun. Josh said his one "must have" as far as cupcakes were concerned, was a giant teal cupcake.
 Back when Bethany and Josh first booked with me, I wasn't completely sure the teal was even part of the wedding colors.. but hey if that's what the customer wants LaLaCake is happy to comply!

 5:15pm  Cupcakes packed securly in the back of my car in 20ish, dozen carriers... you never notice how many dips and sinks and bumps your car takes on a single trip until you have something like a cake or cupcakes en route!
5:45 pm The cupcakes arrive.  The bride and groom already had cupcake stands ready and waiting.
6:45 pm We are set and done! The reception hall looked beautiful (btw teal cupcake fit perfectly..phew), cupcakes delivered and I can now say I am a cake rose expert!

Congratulations Bethany and Josh!

Can't wait to do it again!


  1. Ohhhh very beautiful! If I wasn't married, I'd ask you to be the baker at my wedding! Nice job, you are quite the baker and professional!

    1.'d really be in trouble if we had our wedding to do all over again. Not only would you be a maid of honor and singing, but now you'd be baking too. You're just too talented, woman!

  2. Beautiful work, Leah! The table looks so pretty, and I'm sure the cupcakes were delicious too. I loved getting an inside glimpse of your process (so grueling!) and uber stocked fridge.