Tuesday, February 7, 2012

LaLa Cake is for dogs too!

 Trying to decide what to get the pup who has everything??
A LaLa Pupcake!

Gluten free, sugar free, savory italian spice &
turkey flavored cake, rawhide frosting and apple chewy sprinkles?!?!  

With a little research I soon discovered that dogs have more dietary restrictions than most people! Serve unhealthy food to your family... no one cares, happens all the time, but do it to dogs and PETA isn't the only group who will be at your door!  Just about every website I came across, stressed to an absurd level the importance of a dog's heathly, organic, and very expensive diet.  I was a tad discouraged that our grocery store did  not sell carob chips, or safflower margarine, or strained veal baby food ( do they make that?!)... But we love our 90 lb pup as much as anyone else so here it goes LaLa Cake's first ever PupCake...

 I used a gluten free baking mix, left the sugar out and replaced the liquid with turkey broth, and some italian seasonings... I heard dogs like that.
 For the rawhide frosting I boiled a large rawhide pretzel until it was soft enough to unroll.  The long rawhide was then easily cut, twisted and shaped into 'frosting'.  I held it all together over night, close to 24 hours, with toothpicks. It dried and firmed up nicely.  

Once it was dry it held the shape almost perfectly.  A little peanut butter underneath held the top on and made the 'frosting' a snug fit.  The apple chewy sprinkles were apple flavored treats cut into small rounds. I used my large cupcake pan, but this could have easily been made in a regular size muffin tin for all your dog friends to share!  

But did it really taste good?!?
Our dog Peanut, my fellow blogging enthusiast (BrownsLab), thought so.  Although as a lab, his taste are very undiscriminating. He's eaten everything and  anything from table scraps, to onions, to cold medicine to chocolate kisses foil wrapper and all (No we didn't give him cold medicine or chocolate but anything in snouts reach is fair game.. surprisingly the vet wasn't concerned about him eating either, a teaspoon of peroxide and a good run around the yard got the chocolate back out still wrapped)

But what really matters was that birthday girl Remi enjoyed the cake!... You may just have to remind your pup, as with any cake, a little goes a long way!

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  1. Yum.... Moomba and Blazer are drooling all over the keyboard. They said they miss you Auntie Leah.... ;) :) looks great and doggie delicious!