Saturday, January 28, 2012

Black and White Birthday Cake!

Simple is beautiful, rich is wonderful, and birthdays are best!

 My Black and White Birthday Cake is rich chocolate fudge and strawberry cake layered with 
cream cheese filing and caramel buttercream, then covered with pure white fondant. 

 The front turned out fabulous, the back a little bumpy and lumpy, but at least its the back.  I really enjoyed working with fondant for this cake.  I've been inspired lately by going through and reading bios on the great chefs of our time.  I'm now quite the expert on Joe Bastianich, Gordon Ramsay, and Ron Ben-Israel.  Yes I've been watching MasterChef! Why I love them I'm not sure, but Joe and Gordon are two of my favorite foodies. Their suave demeanor and sometimes truly hateful comments lure me into what ever their saying... or yelling. Although what really puts them at the top of my list is that fact that they are very very successful at what they do.   Google them!  While some consider it pure effrontary, Joe and Gordon's advice is solid and possibly the best most people could ask for.

 So I'll admit while making this cake I pictured myself presenting it to the judges for critique.  I would most likely leave my pride on the floor in a pool of tears as they told me they hated me and my cake... but who knows maybe they would even enjoy it.  EIther way I would still be a caker and they would still be them, and life would still go on....

Ron Ben-Israel.  His website is  That alone clues you in to his greatness. Browse through his collections and its hard not to be inspired. His detail and flower work is what LaLaCake truly aspires to be!  Unlike the two previously mentioned, Ron seems quiet and humble, a chef with amazing ability but soft disposition. (This all of course I've gathered from the still shots of him on his website) Working with fondant, and the gumpaste flowers, I am seeing that a gentle touch and patient spirit is what cake mastery requires.

The writing on the
 cake was fun
and easy.
I traced a Happy Birthday from a font off the computer. 
 I then rolled thin pieces of black fondant and shaped them on the paper.  Once the letters were shaped, I transfered my stencil on to a piece of parchment paper cut to the size of my cake.  It helped to get the exact placement of the letters and to keep the lines from going crooked. I sewed up a few cracks and put my lilly on top!

All in all I'm one step closer to Joe and Gordon saying job well done!


  1. Sounds so delicious....looks so beautiful!

  2. Beautiful cake, Leah--inside and outside. It's torture not being able to taste it!

  3. I can say first hand that this cake was not only beautiful, it was absolutely delicious!

  4. Your cake tasted delicious and the presentation was simple with a touch of artistry. Looking forward to your next creation.