Monday, October 24, 2011

Roses....frosting this time

Every relationship has ups and downs,
good and bad, love and mmm hate. 
 Me and my Cake Bible are no exception!

Baby boy taking a nap, husband doing the same, and my 'practice buttercream' made.  I should have known by the simple phrase "will store in refrigerator indefinitely"?!? What does that mean, indefinitely?!? Everything goes bad at some point. So Cake Bible your telling me that the same buttercream I make today I can (well someone can)  make a cake with 100 years from now ?!? How could it possibly last that long!? And if it does how could that be a good thing?!?!  Well truthfully its not good, and yes Cake Bible does tell you that.  It's a 100% shortening buttercream, made for stability and cheapness but taste greasy and unpalatable.

The flowers I made were wonderful however.  
About an hour of practice and I'm liking the results... not the point.
The harsh reality that shortening does NOT wash off of anything, except with hot hot soapy water, set in when my lukewarm water heater and sink just helped me squish around the excess frosting. It was on the plates, my hands, the faucet, the dish sponge, everywhere!  So good rule of thumb, just make real buttercream to practice with, it'll be more delicious and much easier to clean! 

Stay tuned.. 
I whipped up 
a batch of
Halloween themed cupcakes
with my new found rose-ing skills...
 Blog soon to be posted!

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