Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Cupcakes

My husband and I got invited to a Halloween party last weekend. I wanted to make something Halloween-esc with out going overboard. On my web travels I've come across a couple really nice blogs that have great ideas. ZoeBakes was the inspiration for the rose cupcakes. I didn't have the exact size tip she used to make her roses, but the process is the same.  I like her blog because it spelled out with words and pictures exactly how to make these cute flowers.  
Click here to go to ZoeBakes for the full recipe and method!.

  The color was a bit of a process.  The roses turned out beautiful, but truth be told, I was going for Halloween vibe, and didn't quite achieve this.  The 'copper' flowers turned out nice, even though the name copper on the icing color was not quite accurate.  It came out a pale peach which was nice, but not really the fall majesty I was hoping for. Paired with purple accents the first couple flowers looked great, after that the colors started to mix and the color was a little muddy.

The leaves saved the day!  The roses looked unfinished and kind of shabby but with a pop of green the cupcake filled up nicely and the colors were all brought to a harmonious loveliness.
NOTE TO SELF and everyone else: Icing gels are much more potent than the typical liquid food coloring.  The red and purple tips looked striking but left a few of my cupcake recipients with stained fingers and teeth. 
Not the response I was looking for. A little gel goes a longer way than food coloring!

I was feeling a little defeated on the Halloween front when I tackeled the rest of the cupcakes. 

Baby boy, and mom had about all they could take of tedious decorating, So I opted for an easy swirl.

Used up all the excess frosting and Halloween achieved!  

Stay Tuned Lemon Present Birthday Cake up Next!!!!


  1. Those are beautiful! Nice job, I'm super excited for my lemon present :) ;)

  2. I love the cupcakes. They are beautiful! I actually think I prefer the trio of roses to Zoe's single rose. Also, your Halloween cupcakes are really cute too. (Wish I'd be soon indulging in some of the lemon cake...mmmm.)