Thursday, November 14, 2013

How to Make a Call of Duty Ghosts Cake

COD! Who doesn't play this game?! I became hip to it  when after I got married it became clear to me that I could either watch my husband play this game for hours on end or try and join in. My husband has been a long time fan of Call of Duty and Modern Warfare games (Is there a difference between those two?)  In the early days of my playing I found it incredibly difficult to maneuver which made for an all around very frustrating game. Within seconds of 're-spawning' I would be shot and killed again and again, or on the rare chance I had someone in my cross hairs I would get flustered and temporarily forget how the controllers worked and end up with my gun aimed at the sky and running around in circles, or stuck in the corner literally unable to maneuver out to shoot my opponents.

 I'm sure the hoards of teenage boys I was playing against online at the time were shouting numerous expletives at their failure of a teammate or high-fiving each other by the speed they could eliminate this crazy person who couldn't make it out of the corner.
 I'm convinced that besides me and my husband everyone who plays COD is a teenage or pre-teen boy. Don't believe me? Just listen to the chatter happening during any given match. There's the sound of  wanna-be gangsta's rapping for I suppose everyone's 'listening pleasure' or the mindless conversations of gamers, who forgot their blue-tooth's were still on, talking about their day in junior high, or best yet the shrill pre-pubescence voice of teen boys cursing and telling each other how horrible campers are.(Campers = me!) Camping is the art of hiding in one spot and shooting anyone that happens to pass in front of you. I guess camping is a 'no-no' for true COD gamers due to the lack of skill it takes besides being able to find a good spot to hide. But lets be honest in a real life situation I would not run around in the open but I would hide to catch my enemy off guard and by surprise so yes I am an advocate for camping and also quite good at it!

That was then.... Now LaLaDeathCake (great name right??!!)(and no I probably won't accept your friend request on-line because I'll assume your someone annoying I'll just have to mute) is a raging killing machine! My competitive nature won out and I  buckled down and focused until I could run and shoot with the best of them.... Ok I'm still not very good but what I lack in gaming skills I can make up with cake! (To my credit I can also calm, soothe, feed and/or play with my 5 months old while maintaining a somewhat decent kill/death ratio.. Take that pre-teens everywhere!) Last week Call Of Duty's latest installment was released and in honor of my and my husband's favorite after the kids go to bed activity this was the cake I made.

Enjoy life with Cake,

PS. As always leave any questions in the comments below and we'll figure it out together!
I started the cake with carrot cake. This was the 'free' cold drink cozy 
I got with the COD Ghosts game. 
 I'm sure the 'free' part was added back into the $60 game. 
I used it as the templet for the Ghosts logo. 
If you don't have a Ghosts cup cozy, print a pic from a Call of Duty Ghosts image search. 
Drop it into word to adjust the size if needed for the size of your cake.

I filled the cake with a cream cheese frosting and covered the cake with black
 fondant and a white and black camo.  

To start your stencil use the cup cozy to trace out the Ghosts logo
 onto a piece of regular printer paper.

Cut out the middle of the logo. This will allow only the
 white parts of the logo to come through when its stenciled onto the cake.

Next use an edible color spray/mist to transfer 
the design onto a piece of black fondant.
Most craft stores carry a Wilton pearl-essence spray that can be used.

I experimented on a scrap piece of fondant first 
before trying to use the stencil on the cake.  Don't worry too much about
 getting the stencil perfectly even.  Once the spray is on the fondant 
you are going to go over it with white gel color so any inconsistencies can be evened out.

To make the 'Ghosts' logo even more accurate I also painted more detail onto the
 fondant using white and black gel color and a small paint brush.

After a trial run or two transfer the stencil to the top of your chilled cake.

Again once I had the rough stencil in place then  I painted more detail using gel food coloring.

Use extra black gel color to really make the eyes,
 nose, and scar across the skull pop.

Next roll out white fondant and cut out 'CALL of DUTY' letters.

Secure the letters to the side of the cake with water.

The longer sides I painted GHOSTS on with more gel food coloring.

I also painted a little more camouflage pattern over the ghosts lettering.
But looking back at this picture I do like the white lettering 
on the plain black background as well.

Chill the cake for at least a few hours to allow
the fondant to harden and all the gel color to dry.

A light coat of the white cake spray and Call of Duty Ghosts cake is done! 

Now get out there and eat some cake and play some COD!

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