Thursday, October 31, 2013

Orange Rose Cake!

This was a OTF (on the fly!) wedding cake. 
OTF, as in I got a  911 cake text at 5:45 pm, needing the cake at 8 am  the next morning!! Ok not too bad that leaves about 14 hours to make the cake...but...when I got this text I was en route to a dinner about an hour away which would bring me back home to make this cake around 10pm.... 10 hours before the groom was going to be at my home expecting a wedding cake! and that's without including sleep!

No pressure... none at all!
So why the 911 text??
The groom-to-be had ordered his and his fiance's dream cake from a local cake shop, although when he went to pick it up around 4:30pm the day before the wedding it was all wrong! Not at all what he ordered, expected, or wanted.  And when I say not what HE wanted it really  was not what SHE, the bride-to-be wanted! Worst nightmare the day before your wedding.. right?!? (Warning: Shameless Plug in 3..2..1) But thankfully the groom- to- be's sister was in town and she is a huge fan of LaLa Cake's blog. I'm not sure how the conversation to contact me went but I could assume something like this:

Groom: "What?! Where do I get a new cake now!!?? If only there was someone local who made amazing cakes and has amazing customer service to make a wedding cake with only a half days notice!"
Sister: "Man bro, I have no ide........Wait! I do! LaLa Cake! Best Cake place ever & coolest owner ever!!Amazing cakes, amazing service! I can't say enough great things about her or the cakes, she is sooo cool! She's number 1, she's number 1..... "
Groom & Sister together as they look up my number: " LALA CAKE! LALA CAKE! ..... "

(Hey this is my fantasy conversation, 
I can imagine them chanting if i want to!)

Even if the conversation was a little more subdued the end result was me agreeing to make the Bride to-be's dream cake to cut on her big day! And all jokes aside I was happy to help make her day great!!

Enjoy life with Cake! Even OTF!
 Here's a link to great tutorials on 
how to make your own beautiful rose cake!

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