Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's a GIRL!!!!

I haven't had the energy to tackle any big projects lately... mostly because of the little girl baking in MY oven over the past 21 weeks!  Regardless, an  announcement this big deserves a special cake.

 I finished this cake around 5 am a few nights ago while in the middle of playing the "I can't sleep or get comfortable... and I have to pee" game.  Even though I was tired, groggy and a little bitter to be awake it was great getting back to decorating!
 Here's a quick run through of my day and my very late night.

 I started by making rice krispy treat figures.
One duck...
& one block.

 Next I covered a double layer 8" cake with light green fondant.

 As Cake Boss would say I "dirty iced" the treats, or put a coat of icing on the figures so the fondant would stick.

I covered the duck with a mixture of modeling chocolate and yellow fondant.

 Added some girly details.

 Modeling chocolate is used for detail work like this because unlike fondant it is mold-able and smooth-able, but my duck was still a little lumpy.

 Rolled out zebra stripes and covered the block.

This was the end of day one and beginning of my long night.

A friend had this picture posted to Facebook as their lastest Pin to Pinterest
 ( I'm willing to bet it was tweeted on Twitter somewhere too)

 I used the same idea to cover the front of the cake with green and light green roses.

 Cut out leaves from fondant scraps I had.

On a side note: I seem to always have a lot of little pieces of different colored fondant and gumpaste leftover from cake projects.  These scraps will stay fresh for months by covering them with a light coat of shortening then wrapping them tightly in plastic wrap and storing them in a plastic container.  It's nice to have an arsenal of colors for decorating whenever you need it.

Next I attached a few gumpaste flowers

Followed by touching up some areas of frosting that were squished by the flowers.

 Finally lots of edible glitter for the flowers. What girl doesn't love glitter??

And .. voila! 5 am and the announcement cake is done!

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  1. What a beautifully detailed and fun cake. The little duck and zebra block are adorable. I love the green roses and delicate flower effects.