Friday, October 5, 2012

Jonathan and Jennifer Wedding Edition!

Congratulations to
Jonathan and Jennifer!

My favorite thing about doing this cake was the very delicate and beautiful design picked out by the bride.  I  probably would not have chosen to tackle a cake like this on my own, but I'll try anything to make a bride her dream cake!

The ruffles absolutely make this cake special and different.  Luckily with a little YouTube hunting you can find how-to vidoes on just about anything!

This is a cool link I found for the basic gist of ruffeling a cake, I just flipped the ruffles over and made them a little wider to achieve this look.

I used a combo of homemade modeling chocolate and fondant to create the ruffles.  Here's a link for Modeling Chocolate.  I used white candy melts instead of higher quality white chocolate to save some money. The results were good.  The modeling chocolate was easy to prepare but did need to sit overnight and also needed a large amount of kneading to get the mixture smooth enough to mix easily with the fondant.

Once the fondant and modeling chocolate was well mixed I rolled it out in about 3" strips and about 1/4" thick

With a small wooden dowl  I use for ruffeling gumpaste flowers. I applied a moderate amount of pressure by rolling it against the fondant to create the ruffles.  Make sure the fondant/modeling chocolate, wooden dowl and work surface have a nice coating of corn starch to prevent sticking and ripping.

Once ruffled I attached the strips to the fondant covered cake with gum glue.  Gum glue is roughly equal parts gumpaste and water. I took about 1 tbl gumpaste and 1-2 tbl water, let it sit until the gumpaste dissolves (about 1 hour)  if needed add more water. Gum glue holds fondant decorations securely to the cake, better than just water or extract.

The ruffled cake was gluten free vanilla and gluten free chocolate.  In addition to that I also make about 170 serving of Mocha and Vanilla sheet cake. My husband recently got me a 2nd refrigerator in our kitchen to now nicely house all my cake creations!

Everything got snuggled into the car and arrived perfectly!
 It was about a 45 minute drive. 

There are  lots of bumps in 45 minutes and lots of stress,
 but it got there without any ruffles or flowers coming out of place!

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