Friday, September 2, 2011

My Latest Confection

Last Saturday my wonderfully attractive husband, 3 month old son, and I went to a surprise birthday party for my grandmother-in-law.  The surprise was a success, as was the cakes I brought with us.  The car ride there was somewhat of a mission; drop the dog off at my moms then clear the car of the always present remnants our yellow lab leaves behind.

 When we first got our now 80lb puppy, I confidently told my husband that a kitchen was no place for a dog, and we trained and trained our 'first born' to not cross our apartment kitchen's threshold.  One year and an actual first born baby later, we live in a beautifully open house where the kitchen is the center of the first floor, albeit the training doesn't seem to have ever taken place. Today my energy is spent sweeping, swiffering and gingerly ridding our house and car of dog hair whenever time allows for it. I'm proud to say though not a speck has ever or will ever make it into my pressed panninis, or perfectly white fondant layers.

Finally we carefully loaded a small cheesecake and a slightly larger 4 layer half sheet cake into our hatchback ( mostly on my lap) for the just about an hour drive.  The buttercream held up wonderfully, thanks to an over protective baker who made her husbands toes freeze to have a uncomfortably chilly refrigerator of a car.  ( I'm sure this is not a necessary step but besides from the need of a extra pair of socks in the summer, I don't think it hurts either)

The Cake:

Perfectly Peachy Apricot Layer Cake


  1. I can....first-handedly attest....the cake was wonderful....beautiful....delicious....and had many many compliments!! Loved it!!! Thanks La La.

  2. I have people asking for your recipe. Are you going to share it on your blog?

  3. Recipes are on the blog for this cake~~